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Meet the team

Studio pictured below!!

It is my mission is to help awaken your self love. As I capture you through natural & sensual imagery, I invite you to show up as you are. I’m here to help light a spark in you that will carry you through the transformation of feeling confident & worthy in every aspect of your life.


I started this journey back in 2018 when I realized that I didn't have to wake up in the morning and have negative thoughts about myself & my body. I knew that there had to be another way, but I had no idea how to get there.

In early 2019, I started taking pole dancing lessons, and my entire life changed. I was seeing myself. LIKE MY REAL ASS SELF, for the first time, ever. When I purchased my home later that year, I knew that I wanted to turn my photography business into something that would help others see themselves differently. I had faith that boudoir could have the same impact. I needed to spread the word...

A little bit about me and how it all started

Kara is here to get you anything you need - refreshments, a lip touch up, a playlist vibe change, & extra encouragement. She is the one that keeps the studio & client closet BANGIN'. We first hit it off when she inquired with me for her wedding. Instant friends, bonding over being redheads & cat lovers. Fast forward two years and I have captured her life milestones (including boudoir session!) and we have grown to be soul sisters. I am beyond grateful to have her on my team!!!

The Assistant


Kirsty is magical. She's the first stop on your session day, and is such an important part to the experience. Her bubbly smile will instantly make you excited, and she can bring any vision to life. Check out her website HERE.

hair & makeup artist


My babies!! My kitties are my whole life! Sage is the outspoken calico, Cedar is my little shy tabby, and Jasper is my big panther man! They're my companions at home when I am editing your photos, and they're my fav! 

kitty support

cedar, sage, & jasper

IT ME. I handle the communication, photography, editing, creativity, and all the backend bookwork.. so basically #allthethings!! This is my absolute passion and I am so lucky to be able help ya'll everyday.

Lead Photographer


Even though my logos are absolutely *gorgeousss* and I adore them so much, there's actually some significant meaning behind them! The sun represents.. well everything! It's how we live life here on earth, it's the only lighting I use in all of my images. The eye represents self. This whole experience is centered around YOU. Your own personal self love journey, and learning that everything has to come from within. No amount of outside influence will ever make you feel beautiful, worthy, confident, etc unless YOU TRULY BELIEVE IT!! The moon represents femininity, and nighttime. To me, this expresses embracing your feminine sensuality. 

behind the moon, sun, and eye

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