woman looking out window slowly removing her bra

In the beginning of my self love journey, it looked a lot like claiming my sexuality.

I had always been a sexual person but never felt comfortable expressing or truly claiming my sexuality. Our culture had done it’s number on me: You’re a slut/whore if you do xyz. And when I did my own boudoir session and started pole dancing, I finally felt safe to own this part of me.

woman posed against window with the sun shining in, claiming her sexuality

No matter what I liked & how I chose to express myself, I knew it didn’t devalue me as a human.

This was a part of me and that was ok to share and be open about. It feels so good to claim my sexuality! I love masturbating, shaking my ass, having sex, wearing clothes that show off my boobs & ass, and exploring BDSM. I feel sexy af when I have my stripper heels on. And now after working on my self-love journey, I am comfortable enough to allow myself the pleasure of knowing this part of me.

woman with hand in hair, claiming sexuality

Everybody’s sexuality may be different (or nonexistent!) who you like, what you like, and why you like it.

Therefore, it’s going to look and feel unique for each person. But claiming my sexuality helped me learn myself in a positive way I wasn’t expecting. I know if it helped me, then it can help others find and claim their sexuality as well. This is a side of myself I embrace with full confidence and most importantly, want to help others embrace too! 

woman claiming sexuality covered by sheet

Your self-love journey can be difficult to start. But once you start, you will fall in love with yourself in a way that no one can take from you.

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May 17, 2023

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