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Boudoir Sessions at Tease by Hannah Louise are quite a bit different from traditional boudoir sessions and it’s why our clients choose us! Here is a deep dive into what makes our Self Love Sessions different from traditional boudoir sessions.

Behind the scenes at a boudoir session with Tease by Hannah Louise Photography


Yes, we do of course photograph your body and talk about it during our sessions. However, the ultimate goal is to showcase you as a person, inhabiting a body.


This is the one we emphasize with our clients. We want you to comfortable during your session. We collaborate the entire time to make sure all the poses feel like you! No weird contorting or need for intense flexibility here!

3. SMILING IS ENCOURAGED – but not the fake kind

I’m going to be real here – I didn’t always follow this. I used to try to live up to an unexplained expectation for my work. But, then I did my own boudoir session and I only had one smiling photo. I was so disappointed. I’m a smiley, bubbly person – it’s part of my personality – and I wanted that showcased!

So now, I tell my clients if they feel like they’re going to smile, let it happen! Sometimes things feel awkward or silly, and smiles make us feeeeel better expressing that. Although, I’ll never ask you to smile because I want it to be genuine.


Of course our client closet is DOPE with amazing options and all inclusive sizing, but it’s really about YOU in the lingerie. Lingerie isn’t even required (nothing is required, now that I come to think of it). You can wear a dress you love, your fave pjs, or not a damn stitch!

5. we dive deeper than just taking photos

Mindset is everything and we encourage important mindset work before, during and after your session. The goal here is sustainability with your confidence and a desire to continue on your self love journey (sign up for our email list to learn more about how we help!). We check in about thoughts & feelings, discuss them (or not!) It’s up to you. But, the real transformation happens when we can discuss what’s going on in your head, bring them to the light, and let that shit go.

6. i don’t put you in a box to look a certain way

“Sexy” is subjective and means so many different things to so many people. This isn’t just about sticking your ass out and arching your back. (It can be!) BUT, this is so much more – this is embodying yourself intimately and sensually.

7. anyone can do this

This isn’t just a gift to give on your wedding day and most of my clients choose to give this gift to themselves FIRST and their partners second. Age, size, color, gender, etc does not matter here. Tell me how YOU want to feel and we will make it happen. Let me know where you’re at and we will meet you there.

Studio Session of Hannah Louise Photography

To learn more about a self love session with Tease by Hannah Louise, inquire here!

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