Hali reached out to me to book her second session, and I was thrilled. Then she said she was feeling into a nature shoot. LOVE IT! Sign me up! When can we start?! Her icy river session is all the things I love about feeling free in your body and connected to the earth. 

Whether you decide to schedule a shoot in my private studio, or you are feeling like taking it outside for a nature shoot, my team is always there to help you feel comfortable. Watching a person reconnect with their body and see their true self in a new way is one of the best parts of being a Virginia boudoir photographer. Your body is worthy of love and admiration, most importantly from your own self! 

Hali fully embraced creating a new and strong connection with her body and appreciating herself. She chose some really great pieces from my client closet to wear during our time together. The dark green, velvet bodysuit was the perfect choice for her nature shoot. I love her use of cover-ups to show off her body in new ways. She chose a black lace one like this for the shots in the tree and then switched to a silky, ivory and peach top as we moved toward the water. Each piece she picked looked STUNNING on her! 

We ended our time together with Hali fully submerging herself in the cold water. What a way to end an icy river session, fully accepting of herself by fully surrendering to nature and the water.  

woman wears green bodysuit in nature for icy river session

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What made you choose us for your session? 🙂

I have done a session with you before and knew it would turn out amazinggg!

What were you the most nervous about coming into your session?

My self image

How do you feel now that you’ve completed the session?

I feel like I still have those thoughts of negativity sometimes, but this session helped refresh me on the reason why it’s okay to love and accept myself even if I feel like I want to make changes sometimes. I want to be happy in life no matter what I look like.

What was your favorite part of the session?

The ice bath of a river !! and the constant hype team throughout the whole session

What, if anything, could have been improved about your session?


Do you have any advice for people looking to book their own session?

I think if they are considering it they should 100000% do it. Putting yourself a little bit out of your comfort zone can turn into something really fun and inspiring with the sweetest and most considerate people!

Would you recommend us to a friend?


person shows off curves in velvet bodysuit for Virginia boudoir photographer

Read Hali’s review here:

Since this is my second time coming for a session, I think it is safe to say I fully recommend coming to Hannah for a session! Whether you want it more private in her studio, or want an outdoor shoot, Hannah and her assistant go above and beyond to make you feel completely empowered. They are at all times making sure you are comfortable (they literally think of every detail) and feel confident in your own skin! Plus you get to use her hugeeeee client closet and get pictures to die for!!

January 20, 2023

Outdoor Boudoir, Solo

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