Real talk? You deserve to dress to your own comfort level all the time, and especially during an intimate portrait session. I don’t want you to hear the word “boudoir” and immediately think you have to find the sexiest lingerie in the world. If that’s not you…don’t do it. This self love experience is about expressing yourself. Holding space for the most authentic YOU. Even down to the lingerie you choose (or the non-lingerie options!)

Discovering your power and feeling true to yourself starts with freedom in how you dress your body.

person sits on bed in non-lingerie options

Lingerie is a popular option for a lot of clients, but there are so many non-lingerie options during your session too. The list is really endless, but since I see so many people in my studio as a Virginia boudoir photographer – I wanted to give some inspo!

Here’s a list of non-lingerie ideas to get you inspired: 

  • Jeans and a top are a casual and comfortable option. Lauren (who’s photos we are featuring today!) chose this option with some loose-fitting jeans and a Calvin Klein set. This is an easy way to show your style in the kind of jeans you choose. You can pair them with a bralette, a comfy camisole, or even your favorite t-shirt. If jeans don’t feel true to you, denim shorts could be swapped out, or even joggers! 
  • Another option, and popular choice, is a comfy sweater with sexy underwear like in this session. A chunky, cropped sweater would be a great choice and can be styled with many different poses.     
  • A robe can be a very sensual choice and allow you to reveal the parts of yourself at your own pace. There are so many ways to pose with it to showcase your body in a way that feels true to you. 
  • If you’re looking for something more revealing, a tulle skirt over a body suit might be for you. The skirt offers a little more coverage if that’s your thing, and there are endless combinations you can create with different bodysuits. 
  • Another very sexy choice is an oversized button down or boyfriend-style tee. This anonymous session is the perfect example of adding an oversized shirt to your look.  If you are nervous about posing, having a prop like this can also help you to feel more comfortable during our session. 

I invite all my clients to wear whatever makes them the most comfortable for an intimate portrait session. Our time together is allll about capturing you in ways that feel aligned with who you are. An important part of that is dressing your body in ways that feel authentic. You have so many choices about how to find empowerment in my studio, and I would love to help you find a new expression of yourself. Whether that is wearing non-lingerie options or opting for more traditional boudoir looks. Remember: the focus is always YOU! 

person smiles through tulle by Virginia boudoir photographer
gray underwear set worn with jeans for Tease by Hannah Louise
bra and jeans shown off as non-lingerie options
pants removed while laying on bed for Virginia boudoir photographer
person leans against wall for Tease by Hannah Louise
big laughs in non-lingerie options
gives over the shoulder look while tugging on jeans for Virginia boudoir photographer
tattooed arm tugs at jeans for Tease by Hannah Louise
leaned over a dresser in non-lingerie options
jeans are removed for Virginia boudoir photographer
butt exposed as person leans over dresser for Tease by Hannah Louise
back is arched in non-lingerie options
profile of closed eyes for Virginia boudoir photographer
bra is removed on bed for Tease by Hannah Louise
clothing is removed on bed in non-lingerie options
hands tug at underwear for Virginia boudoir photographer
person lays on bed in white nightgown for Tease by Hannah Louise
person lays on bed smiling in non-lingerie options
person lays on back with hands over head for Virginia boudoir photographer
shirt is lifted for Tease by Hannah Louise
blindfold and handcuffs are used as non-lingerie options
cuffed hands in front of body for Virginia boudoir photographer
kneeling on bed while wrapped in sheet for Tease by Hannah Louise
a sheet covers lower body in non-lingerie options
a sheet covers chest for Virginia boudoir photographer
blindfold and cuffs on individual laying down for Tease by Hannah Louise

December 22, 2022


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