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When Miss C contacted me for her intimate portraits in the studio, she told me she preferred an anonymous shoot. I told her OF COURSE – my top priority is always making sure you’re comfortable. But then, after the shoot she decided she didn’t want to keep this fiery self love session a secret and wanted to do a full release!

This is what she wrote about changing her mind:

“To say that these photos have me feeling confident as hell is an understatement. I was actually just telling Kayla (a past client!) I’ve been thinking about seeing if I could change my release to a full release 😅

I feel like not many bigger girls are willing to do that but if I could help one girl feel more comfortable taking that leap to loving herself and her body it would be so worth it. 🥰”

I mean!!! She is all about inspiring other women with these images. I couldn’t be more honored to share them here on the blog!! And also make sure you read more about her transformation in her post session questionnaire!! It made me emotional! To hear about how she is doing this not just for herself, but for her daughter…wow. So freaking powerful!!!! And then to see her desire to share her fiery self love session images with a full release…I’m SO happy for her. Watching someone’s confidence sky rocket will literally never get old.

Woman in red lingerie lying on a couch for fiery self love session
Woman in red lace lingerie at her intimate portrait shoot

Read Miss C’s Post Session Questionnaire Here:

What made you choose us for your session? 🙂

My fiend Kayla kept telling me to just do it for long enough for me to book!

What were you the most nervous about coming into your anonymous self love session?

Honestly everything. I have never felt great about my body or looks. I was terrified of being in front of people I didn’t know without much in the way of clothing.

How do you feel now that you’ve completed the session?

Amazing. I’m stunned at how much the way I think about myself has changed. I originally booked the photos for a nice anniversary gift for my husband, who has always been my biggest supporter! But the closer to the session I got the more I realized I needed this for me. I don’t want my baby girl growing up hearing her momma speak negatively about herself. She will get to grow up seeing her momma confident in her own skin. I want to be a role model for her to never apologize for being 100% herself despite what anyone may think.

What was your favorite part of the session?

Everything! I loved the vibe. Hannah and Kara are two of the most genuine people and made me feel like I was in the room with lifelong friends.

What, if anything, could have been improved about your session?


Do you have any advice for people looking to book their own session?

Just do it! Whatever doubts you have, shove them in a box and lock them away because you will not regret this experience.

Would you recommend us to a friend?

A million times yes!

Woman in red lace lingerie at studio for fiery self love session
Red hair woman in black lingerie near window by Richmond boudoir photographer
Woman in two piece black sheer lingerie for fiery self love session

Read Miss C’s Review of her Fiery Self Love Session:

This session has absolutely changed my life and how I look at myself in the mirror ever day. I would have never thought I would have the confidence to do something like this but I am so glad that I did. The whole experience was wonderful and Hannah and Kara know just what to do to make you feel comfortable. Whatever your hesitation is for not booking a session yet will seem like a silly excuse after your session. I will definitely be back for another session soon!

Woman in two piece lingerie and garter set by a window for fiery self love session
Redhead in black lingerie kneeling on the floor for fiery self love session
Woman kneeling on a studio couch for fiery self love session
Woman kneeling on the floor of studio around plants by Tease by Hannah Louise
Woman in black bra kneeling on couch for intimate portraits
Curvy woman in black lingerie kneeling on studio floor for fiery self love session
Tattooed woman in black bra and underwear by Richmond boudoir photographer
Red haired woman removing bra for intimate session with Tease by Hannah Louise
Redhead holding on black bra in studio for intimate portraits
Redhead wrapped in green sheet for fiery self love session
Redhead lying across a bed naked for fiery self love session
Nude curvy woman on a bed by Richmond boudoir photographer
Plus size nude woman at intimate portrait shoot with Tease by Hannah Louise
Nude redhead lying across a bed with green sheets for intimate portraits
Nude woman kneeling on bed for fiery self love session
Nude curvy woman wearing a veil for intimate portraits
nude plus size boudoir session by tease by Hannah louise

Hair and Makeup by Kirsty!

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