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When Corey (my BF!) decided he wanted to try out a masculine session in the studio, I was SO excited for him. I’ve been telling him how life-changing these experiences can be. And as a Richmond boudoir photographer, I genuinely believe that they should not be gender-specific. I honestly want to shoot more masculine sessions because I truly think masculine-identifying people deserve to feel just as empowered, sexy, and beautiful as women-identifying. I don’t care if it’s not the norm, it should be!

Because here’s the truth: society has all royally f-cked us up – we live in an era that thrives off of self hate. I mean this when I say it…WE ALL deserve to feel beautiful. I remember having a really in depth conversation with Corey about all the pressures he receives as a male about his looks. It goes both ways. For us it’s big boobs, for him it’s big arms. For us we have to be short, they have to be tall. And so on and so on. It’s a standard that is NOT realistic. For anyone. F*ck the standards. F*ck the “rules”.

Whether you’re feminine, masculine, in between, neither, or have no freakin idea – YOU. DESERVE. To feel beautiful. And that’s exactly what these sessions are about.

man with tattoos at his masculine session at boudoir studio

Read Corey’s Review Here:

I have been on my own self love / self worth journey for the last few months. When Hannah approached me about a boudoir session I was hesitant at first. I have always struggled with being very skinny, no matter what I do it has always been difficult for me to gain weight. She has always told me I’m beautiful exactly how I am. It took a lot of convincing but I have realized that I am beautiful exactly the way I am. Her words of encouragement, her genuinity definitely made it real, and it is real. Most men are never told this growing up, or going through their daily lives, which is heartbreaking.

When you hear boudoir most people immediately think of sexy photos of women, but it is definitely for us men as well. After my masculine session I felt amazing about myself. It is much much more than just a photo shoot. It is a mind changing, and empowering experience. She talked me through the first few poses, and shortly I felt much more comfortable. She showed me a few of the photos during the shoot and I couldn’t believe I was looking at myself, I thought it was a different person. I’ve never been fully satisfied with pictures I’ve taken, whether it be a facial expression, or positioning, but I couldn’t have been happier, I was glowing.

I would 100% recommend this to any male or female friend that needs that extra bump in their self love journey. An experience with Hannah is definitely life changing, and will never disappoint.

man taking off his shirt at empowering session by Tease by Hannah Louise
man with long hair at intimate portrait photo shoot by Richmond photographer
Man in nike underwear at his masculine session at boudoir studio
man with tattoos at intimate portrait photo shoot in Richmond Virginia
man with long hair and tattoos by a window by Tease by Hannah Louise photographer
Man with tattoos in front of a window at his masculine session at boudoir studio
man with nose rings at a boudoir studio in his underwear
Man with tattoos leaning on a bed at boudoir studio in Richmond Virginia
Man taking off his shirt at intimate portrait photo shoot by Tease by Hannah Louise
Man looking in a mirror at his empowering intimate portrait session in Virginia
Man with tattoos looking in a mirror at masculine session
Nude man with a sheet covering himself lying on the bed of Richmond studio
Man with nose rings lying on a bed for a boudoir shoot
Man lying on a bed covered with a sheet for intimate portraits
Man leaning against a wall in underwear for masculine session
Man running hands through hair at studio by Tease by Hannah Louise
Man leaning against a bed at boudoir studio in Richmond

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