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Let’s break down privacy options.

The number one question I get asked as a boudoir photographer is:

“Do I have to share my photos online?

The short answer is: absolutely not…you never have to share images you aren’t comfortable with! If the concern on of your images being shared is holding you back from this self-love experience, pleaaaseee be assured that your images are safe with me. I only post images that I have written permission to share.

In fact, I let my clients have FULL control over what is shared. I have 3 different options that are broken down to what outfits I can share, sheet, or nudes.

I’m going to cover them all in detail, so you are well informed about whatever decision is right for you.

The main takeaway: you have complete control over your images. Period!

If you are okay with some pieces of lingerie going online, and other’s not – I’ve got you.
If you want your images to be shared on my private insta, but not publicly – DONE.

Read more FAQs here.

woman in black lingerie who chose anonymous release from her privacy options

I have 3 different ways you can share your images (or not!)

  • Full Release
  • Full Anonymous Release
  • Full Privacy (no release)

Alright, what the hell do all those mean!?! I’m going to go into detail, and break it down so that you fully understand!

woman in red lingerie at boudoir studio in Virginia

1. Full Release:

Ready for me to show you off everywhere?! Then, this is for you. With a full release you give me permission to share your images on my website, blog, Instagram, sample products, and in my guides to inspire future clients. 🙂
Here’s an example of a blog post with full release!

Woman in sexy underwear by Richmond boudoir photographer Tease by Hannah Louise
Woman in red who chose anonymous from her privacy options at photo shoot

2. Full Anonymous Release

This is the option where you can still show off your stunning new images, without any identity reveal! (all the images in this blog post is are from an anonymous release!) Any photos we use to feature your shoot won’t show your face or your name. Again, you can even choose to keep the ones with your tattoos private. This is a common selection for people who work in fields where showing your images might impact your job. I respect that shit!

Woman in red lingerie tying back her straps in front of a window
Blonde woman in red underwear for sexy empowering photo session

3. Full Privacy

This one is as simple as it sounds. Your images will never be shared ANYWHERE. I back them up on my external hard drives like I do with everyone’s images, and they stay safe there! I will never push for images to be shared, your comfortability is most important to me. My whole goal is to help you feel safe enough to explore your self-love journey 🙂

Blond in red underwear by Richmond Boudoir photographer tease by Hannah Louise

Now you know the scoop about my 3 privacy options, let’s talk about frequently asked questions!!

Can you change your selection? Absolutely! If you decide you are comfortable sharing more photos, we can update that anytime. If you decide against sharing, I will stop sharing and will try my best to go back through all posts to remove them (but I can’t guarantee every image).

How do I tell you my selection? After your session we will go through the model release options together! We can talk it out & even customize it more if your need more options.

What are the pros/cons of privacy versus sharing? Honestly I can’t answer that question for you, because it is so personal! There are many factors to why you might decide one way or another and they are ALL valid. I love being able to share your images because I know that it will inspire other people to start their journey – but I’m ALSO proud of you for knowing your boundaries and sticking to them!!

Can I customize my privacy options further? Yes! Absolutely! You literally get to pick exactly what images are shared, right down to which outfits.

Topless woman leaning over a bed who chose anonymous from her privacy options at shoot

That’s it! What do you think of my privacy options! Was it what you expected?

I hope it made you feel relaxed and safe about stepping foot in the studio for your own self-love journey. You are in the driver’s seat and no choice would ever offend me. I am here to support YOU.

Woman removing her lace robe in a photo studio in Virginia

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