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Have you ever wondered why I do reveal sessions?

There are many different ways to run a boudoir studio but I choose to do reveal sessions for a few specific reasons. I have found it’s the most impactful way to wrap up this self-love experience.

Why? Let’s get into it!

woman removing her shirt at her boudoir shoot with a reveal session

#1: Reveal Sessions are Exciting!!

The day you see your photos is really freaking exciting and I want to be there to help you celebrate yourself!! You’re going to be sitting there going “is that me?!!!” and I want to be your hype girl in that moment.

woman in lingerie and handcuffs at empowering intimate portrait shoot

#2: Someone to Hold Space

That being said, seeing images of yourself can sometimes be difficult, so it’s important that there is someone there to hold space for you (that’s my job!) I don’t want you to spiral alone if some feelings are uncomfortable. There’s a lot of body image stuff we are all unpacking, so I will be there to help you through that if anything starts to arise.

woman lying on a bed for shoot with Richmond boudoir photographer Tease by Hannah Louise

#3: Get All The Info

This is a big investment, so I want to be there to make sure we talk in detail about the products and answer any questions about pricing so you feel confident & informed AF. I can also help you decide on which images will be best for your products! (You’re seriously never alone during this experience). I’ve designed hundreds of albums, and can help you pick the images that will look the best together.

Topless woman covering herself at boudoir shoot with reveal session

#4: Shared Experience

I was there throughout the entire session with you, and if I just left you alone to view your images, I would not be keeping up my end of the deal!!! You will have lots of images to process. This is a shared experience and I want you to feel guided every step of the way – including reveal sessions!

Prints from a boudoir shoot after the reveal session

#5: Viewing On The Big Screen!

Seeing your images on a big screen makes a huge difference!! When you just scroll through on your phone alone you miss the moment. This should feel like a freaking MOMENT. Let’s get your images on the big screen and really take it in!! These photos are art, not just run-of-the-mill images we see everyday, ya know?

Brunette wearing lingerie at a photo studio in Virginia

Needless to say reveal sessions are a really big freaking deal! I absolutely LOVE this step in the process.

I know sometimes it helps to have some examples before diving into your own process, so if you head over to my Instagram HERE, you’ll see a highlight for “Reveals”. Tap through that to see some other people on their self-love journey!

Woman in thong kneeling on bed by Richmond boudoir photographer Tease by Hannah Louise
Products from a boudoir photographer in Virginia

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  1. […] Seeing the images afterwards is one of the best parts about booking your boudoir experience. You get to see yourself in an honest, refreshing way. Preserve this feeling in an album or print set, or display wall art in your room for an everyday reminder. […]

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