UM, this confidence glow-up was one for the books! Miss E showed up to the studio a little nervous and unsure, as most of my clients do. She had been feeling down about herself, but really wanted her confidence back!! So she made a decision to fully embrace the process and all her nerves melted away as she leaned into the poses and experience here in the studio. It was an honor to watch.

When people feel confident and good about themselves, they make better choices and enjoy their lives more. This energy radiates out, and inspires others. I LOVE seeing this kind of inner confidence glow-up that Miss E experienced! Make sure to read about how different her swim suit shopping experience was AFTER her session below. That is the kind of change I love seeing over and over. I’ll forever be reminding people how much your life changes once you embrace your self-love journey.

Miss E gave us anonymous posting permission so she can keep the images secret for her man (since these doubled as a gift for her fiancé!) But she wanted to make sure other people felt empowered to get their booty into the studio and experience this kind of change. Thank you so much for trusting me in your confidence glow-up! I am delighted to have worked with you!

Woman in bodysuit on a couch for glow-up at boudoir studio

Read Miss E’s Questionnaire:

What made you choose us for your session? 🙂

I became a huge fan of your Instagram! Your photos were incredible and moody and so beautiful. It was hands down no question who I wanted to do this kind of shoot with.

What were you the most nervous about coming into your session?

I was nervous about what to do with my face honestly. I got over that very quickly though. LOL

How do you feel now that you’ve completed the session?

AMAZING !! It was just a freeing experience. I completely was able to let go of what I thought I looked like and lean into what I actually look like which is strong and so SEXY. Even before I saw my images, I had a boost in my confidence. I went bathing suit shopping and normally where I pick apart what I look like, I found myself feeling whole. Like every part of me looked good. It was incredible. After seeing my images, FORGET ABOUT IT!!!! I am sexy and beautiful and all of me is good!!!

What was your favorite part of the session?

I really loved during the sessions when Hannah was able to give me a little boost and tell me how great I looked and showed me the camera. The more she did that, the more comfortable I felt.

What, if anything, could have been improved about your session?

NOTHING! Make it longer?! Honestly I did not want it to end. I loved every minute.

Do you have any advice for people looking to book their own session?

DO IT!! Hannah is so sweet and so personable. I immediately felt like we had been friends for years. Her studio is legit perfect. I actually felt like I was in someone’s bedroom and not a public space. I have never really been that confident and recently I had been downing myself. Now I look in the mirror and feel beautiful. I am now bathing suit shopping and not seeing my flaws but seeing how good my body looks. I am loving that I have this new boost going into my wedding and my honeymoon!!

Would you recommend us to a friend?

100% ! I have shared images with all of my friends and am begging them to do it! Also trying to talk my fiancée into a couples session now;)

Woman in racerback bodysuit leaning over a couch in photo studio in Virginia

Read Miss E’s review about her confidence glow-up experience here!

After my boudoir session with Hannah, my confidence is through the roof. The whole experience was perfect. From getting my hair and makeup done, to picking out the outfits, to actually taking the photos. I had such a blast with Hannah in the studio. She made me feel confident and so comfortable. I had so much fun the day of the session. THEN THE REVEAL!!!! I barely recognized myself. The woman she captured should have been in a magazine and I could not believe it was me! I am forever grateful for the photographic reminder that I am strong. I am sexy. I am beautiful and I am a bad bitch!

Woman in black floral lingerie at empowering boudoir session in Virginia
Woman unclasping her bra for glow-up shoot in photo studio
Woman removing her lingerie for sexy photo shoot before her wedding
Nude woman lying on a bed at photo studio by Tease by Hannah Louise
Nude woman leaning against a wall for glow-up session at boudoir studio
Nude woman in white bridal robe in front of a window
woman in sheer white robe at sexy photo shoot in Richmond
Woman in sheer robe for her glow-up with Virginia boudoir photographer tease by Hannah Louise
Nude woman lying on a bed for her sensual empowering photo shoot
Nude woman in a shower for sexy shoot before her wedding

Hair & Makeup by our fave, Kirsty, from Richmond Makeup Artist.

May 23, 2022


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