Ever wondered what it’s like to book a couples session at a boudoir studio??

I’ve been having more couples in the studio lately for sessions – and I honestly LOVE capturing YOUR love. And I wanted to share more about what the experience is like, because I know from afar it can seem a little intimidating. Like, ummmm WHAT happens? How naked do we get?? How does this work?!

BELIEVE me, I’ve heard all the questions and they are all valid & legit!! But the truth is – these sessions at the studio are the most authentic, magical, sensual experience… I think *every* couple should try this experience. So I’m gonna share some behind the scenes of the process so you have a better idea of what to expect when you come in for your couples session.

Man and woman snuggling at their sensual couples boudoir session
Man and woman embracing in a photo studio for shoot in Richmond, Virginia
Man kissing his wife's chest at sexy photo shoot in Virginia

When your couples session day comes, I want this time to be a safe space for you & your partner to be present with each other and embrace your intimacy.

An important distinction to make is that I shoot intimate photography, not erotica. So it can be as mild or spicy as you want, but nothing is actually happening – if ya know what I mean haha.

Basically it’s intentional time to slow down & love on your person.

Man holding woman in lingerie's hands above her head sensually
Woman in lingerie basking under sunshine with window pane shadows on her face
Woman and man lounging on a couch for a sensual couples boudoir in Virginia

Another concern I hear a lot, specifically from hetero-couples, is the male feeling a little uncomfortable with boudoir & how he will look. Totally makes sense, since male boudoir isn’t as normalized as it is for women. (But it should be!!) I make sure to include segments in my prep guide for each person. And everything in the mental prep guide is relevant for BOTH partners.

Each couples session includes individuals images of both of ya’ll!! So the guys get their time to shine too.

Because honestly, we all deserve to feel loved by ourselves, and our partners.

Woman taking off her shirt while husband watches in sexy photo shoot
Man watching wife take off her shirt in a boudoir studio in Virginia

Here at the studio, we are just a fan of LOVE. All the kinds of love.

Which means this session can be customized to YOU, as a couple. You can get naked…or not. Wear lingerie…or not. Bring those handcuffs…or not.

It’s all about YOU.

Another thing I tell all my couples is to turn your shoot into a date day. Spend the morning getting dolled up, & come take some sexy & intimate photos! Then head to lunch after, and maybe opt for a staycation that night. All relationships need space and time to really focus on each other, and it’s hard to stop the hustle of life and make it happen. This is literally the PERFECT excuse 😉

Man kissing his wife's stomach for a photo shoot in Richmond
Woman taking off man's underwear while kneeling on the floor of a photo studio
Man rubbing oil into his wife's breasts at sensual couples boudoir session in Richmond

I’m also low-key dying to do a couples nature session, so if that’s your vibe – I need you to reach out!! I have so many ideas of how to incorporate the earth into your showcase of intimacy with your partner.

Man and woman tangled in sheets for sexy photo shoot
Nude woman and topless man standing by a window in photo studio in Richmond
Man and woman curled up naked in bed together for sensual photo session
Man and woman naked in bed together for their sensual couples boudoir
Man kissing woman in bed during sexy photo shoot with Tease by Hannah Louise
Naked woman and man in bed together for a sensual couples boudoir in Richmond, VA
Couple snuggling on a couch in a photo studio in Richmond, Virginia
Man and woman naked in a shower together for sensual photo shoot
Nude woman and man in a shower together for their sensual couples boudoir
nude man and woman grabbing each other's butt

May 16, 2022


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