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If you’ve been around for a little while, you’ve probably seen my quote: let’s awaken your self love floating around.

When I expanded the boudoir side of my business – I knew that I had an immense personal connection to the work I was doing. So, when brainstorming a “tagline” I wanted something short & sweet that would explain the experience. Awaken your self love was the perfect embodiment of what I wanted to say.

But let’s rewind real quick.

The starting point of my self love journey began after being freed from a toxic relationship. In the months following that, I had a few of headshot sessions set up for myself. As a photographer getting headshots done were a regular thing (always had to have up to date content!). I remember getting the photos back and being like DAYUUUM she is fire. It was just the confidence boost I needed, after not feeling like enough (and allowing myself to be treated poorly).

But, of course, there were images that didn’t make me feel great. Insecurity would set in, and my negative mindset was fueled. I knew that I wanted to change the way I thought about myself. I didn’t WANT to feel like shit… but I just couldn’t help it.

So right then and there, I made a choice to begin the healing process.

I started to be honest with myself and bring awareness to my thoughts/actions. I paid attention to the toxic things I would say to myself, and to others. I decided to sit the fuck down, and explore the qualities about myself that I didn’t like. I made a conscious decision to change the way I spoke & viewed things. (I could go on & on!!)

Here’s the deal – you will never hear me say that a boudoir session will fix all of your problems and make you confident for the rest of your life. Because that’s a whole ass lie. But, what a boudoir session CAN do you for you, is awaken your self love. It can light a spark. A spark that will carry you through a transformation of feeling confident AND worthy.

Love & acceptance of body is an important step, but it’s not the only one. There will be good days & bad. We’re human. We have emotions, ups & downs, but it’s giving yourself grace and patience on the wave of healing.

These days, I practice self love through paying attention to my needs, setting boundaries, giving myself patience, and viewing the world with love & light.

The point is this is a process & a journey. It’s not about snapping your fingers and loving everything you’re insecure about. It’s about letting yourself slowly shift how you see yourself and the world around you. And a boudoir experience is a powerful step on that journey (and the images are a beautiful reminder of your truest self on the bad days, which we all have)!

If you wanna meet other people on the self-love journey too, why don’t you join us on our completely private Instagram? It’s a safe space and we post lots of self-love content for you!

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