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When we asked Kayla her best piece fo advice for everyone when it comes to a boudoir session, she said to remember that you don’t have to have a certain body size or shape – it’s for everyone!

She said despite being nervous about using kinkier items such as a bar spreader or handcuffs, she walked away feeling more confident than ever. This was her second shoot with me, you can see her previous one here, and I love watching her confidence grow and grow.

Self love is a journey and I love seeing Kayla’s glow up after each shoot!

Woman in black lingerie on a bed at boudoir studio with spreader bar.

Kayla’s questionnaire:

What made you choose us for your session? 🙂

I felt so good after my last session it was a no brainer to come back!

What were you the most nervous about coming into your session?

I was less nervous this go around, but that I wouldn’t feel confident in more strappy lingerie.

How do you feel now that you’ve completed the session?

Powerful, sexy as hell and badass!

What was your favorite part of the session?

All of the kinkier items (handcuffs, spreader bar, blindfold) I was able to use, I loved being able to express a different side of myself.

What, if anything, could have been improved about your session?

Everything was perfect! Both sessions have been absolutely amazing!

Do you have any advice for people looking to book their own session?

You don’t have to have a certain body, size, or look. Feeling sexy and confident is for everybody. Don’t hold yourself back.

Would you recommend us to a friend?


Woman in black lingerie with a spreader bar on a white bed.

Kayla’s Review:

This was my second boudoir session with Hannah and it won’t be my last. My first session I was able to step out of my comfort zone but this time I jumped thru it. Hannah has all the means to help your achieve the look or style you are envisioning for yourself, especially now that she has a beautiful new studio to work with! Want something more glamorous? She’s got you. Want something darker and a bit sexier? She’s definitely got you! Thank you so much Hannah for making my vision come to life!

Woman in black lingerie and spreader bar at boudoir studio in Virginia.
Woman at boudoir photo shoot using a bar spreader.
Woman in black lingerie with garter set at sensual photo shoot.
Woman in black lingerie holding a bar spreader behind her.
Woman in lingerie lying on the floor of a photo studio wearing a bar spreader.
Woman in black lingerie wearing handcuffs for sexy photo shoot.
Woman lying on a bed in a garter set and blindfold.
Woman wearing a garter set and blindfold lying on bed at shoot with Virginia boudoir photographer.
Woman in white tank and fishnet stockings at a boudoir studio in Richmond, Virginia.
Woman in white tank and fishnet stockings posing at a boudoir studio.
Woman in white tank top and fishnet stockings standing in front of a mirror.
Woman wearing a white tank top, sprayed in water in front of a window.
Woman in white tank and fishnets standing by a window in a boudoir studio with VA photographer, Tease by Hannah Louise
Nude woman wearing fishnet stockings holding her breasts for boudoir session.
Nude woman holding her breasts while kneeling on the couch wearing fishnet stockings.
Nude woman holding a sheet over her body in front of a black wall for her boudoir photo shoot.
Nude woman facing a window, holding a sheet over her body.
Nude woman standing in front of a window, holding a sheet to cover herself.
Nude woman sitting on the floor of a boudoir studio surrounded by plants for her photo shoot featuring a spreader bar.
Nude woman wrapped in a sheet sitting on the floor around plants.
Nude woman through the glass of the shower holding her hands over her breasts.
Nude woman in a shower with her butt against the glass for a boudoir session.
Woman with red lipstick nude in a shower, covering herself with her hands.
Nude woman pressing her butt against the glass of a shower at a photo shoot.
Nude woman leaning her butt against a shower glass for her boudoir session.
Woman in black lingerie lying on a leather couch at a boudoir studio.
Woman in black garter set lingerie in front of a window.
Woman in black lace lingerie wearing handcuffs at her sexy photo shoot.
Woman in black lace lingerie sitting on the floor of a studio with Virginia boudoir photographer.
Woman's butt in black lace lingerie facing the camera for boudoir shoot.

Hair and makeup by Kirsty, a Richmond Makeup Artist

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