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So, like, what does “the experience” mean? Most people think, “okay, I pay money, and then I have a photoshoot.” but ya’ll – there is SO much more than just taking photos. I am here to give you a day where you can focus on yourself, be present in the moment, and help you reshape the view that you have of yourself & your body. Let me walk you through it.

For those of you who would like a visual before reading on, here ya go! This amazing video was made by Abby from Abby Bostian Visuals – I’m so in love with it!


You reach out through the contact form on my site and you have the option to let me know if you would like to chat over the phone, or not. I respond within 24-48 hours (depending on if it’s the weekend), and we either set up a call or I address your questions via email. Once you’re ready, you pay the $400 booking fee and sign your contract. That’s it!!


After we are officially booked, you will receive a link to your client portal. This holds all of your important documents. Including your contracts, invoices, and guides! I recommend bookmarking this link so you have easy access to it. It’s soo convenient, especially if you’re someone who loses emails easily, lol!


The minimum purchase for products is $1,000. An example of what you can purchase with this includes the 12×12 album (my biggest album!!) and it holds 40 of your favorite images. Most of my clients invest between $2,000-$2500. I completely understand that it can be seen as expensive – so that’s why I offer a few different ways to pay.

Pre-Payment Plans can be started after you’ve locked in a date with me, and consists of monthly payments on whatever products you choose. Everything is paid off by the time of your session, so on reveal day, you don’t have to wait to get your images in your hand!

Post-Payment Plans are started at your reveal and are monthly payments on your products. This is perfect if you want to wait to see your images before deciding on products, but you won’t receive your images until the payment plan is complete.

Paying in full is also an option. We can do this on your session day, or during your reveal!


On the day of your session, you will arrive at Kirsty’s studio (I will send you all the info you need about a week before your session including addresses, times, etc). You are welcome to bring inspo of hair & makeup you would like, or you can just let her do her thing! Most people just let Kirsty work her magic. She is absolutely amazing, and her website is linked here. She will glam you up & send you on your way to my studio!

Annie & I will be here ready to greet you with water or champagne and all the hype-girl vibes. We will look at the lingerie you brought, or we’ll go through the client closet and find the PERFECT outfits for ya. During the session I will guide you through posing, fix your hair, make sure your lingerie is on point, and show you the back of the camera the whole time (if you want!!). We’ll wrap up and I’ll send you on your way with some booty pic polaroids and a new sense of confidence.


Literally the day you’ve been waiting for!! The reveal!! I will welcome you back into my home (or we can zoom if you’re far away/works better for your schedule!). We’ll sit at my desk and watch a slideshow of all the best images from your session (about 60-100). Once that has concluded, we will chat and oooh & ahh over your images before taking a look at the products. If you’ve already set up a payment plan, you are welcome to make any upgrades/add-ons during this time (most people do!). But, if you haven’t already decided, now is the time to do so! We’ll select your final images and you will pay in full or we’ll set you up on a payment plan!


Your products will come in the mail about 3-4 weeks after your reveal or after you’ve completed your payment plan. I will put everything together in an eco friendly reusable tote bag and you’ll have the option to pick up at my home, or have it shipped to you!

The End!!

I hope that this has been a helpful post, and now you have a little more sense of what to expect with a session! Of course, if you have more questions please don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂



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