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Rebecca’s Review:
I just wanted to stop and say thank you Hannah! Yesterday was a changer for me. You made me see the beauty in myself that I have been trying to find for a long time now. I always hear from my husband how beautiful I am, but the mental block from the past is always in the back of my head. I stopped caring for a long time about what I looked like due to mental issues from people and you finally made me see I am worth it and I am beautiful! I can proudly say I am strong, I am beautiful, I am me! I even woke up this morning and put on make up for the first time in a long time. The sneak peek photo posted made me cry and realize the beauty in me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea what this has done for me and how much more this will make me grow as a person who cares again. I can finally say back to my husband “thank you” and smile instead of “eh. I don’t see it. Not sure why you even married an ugly person.” You are my life saver right now and I owe you the world! THANK YOU!!

Woman in red lingerie next to a window for her boudoir session.
Woman in red lingerie lying across a bed on her back.
Black and white image of a woman in lingerie standing next to a window looking down.
Woman with tattoos in red lingerie leaning over the side of the bed at her boudoir session.
Woman leaning over a chair in red lingerie looking out a window.
Black and white photo of a woman in lingerie leaning back over a bed.
Woman in red lingerie kneeling onto a chair at her boudoir session.
Black and white image of a woman in lingerie leaning over a chair.
Woman in teal lingerie leaning against a wall for her boudoir session.
Woman in lingerie corset leaning over a bench, looking out a window.
Black and white photo of a woman in lingerie kneeling on the floor looking up.
Woman in lingerie sitting on the floor looking up at the camera above.
Black and white picture of a woman in lingerie straddling a bench for her boudoir session.
Nude woman sitting on the floor leaning back against a bed, with a sheer sheet covering her breasts.
Black and white image of a nude woman standing in front of a window, covering herself with a sheet.
Woman sitting on a bench nude, covering herself with a sheer sheet.

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Hair & Makeup by Kirsty at Richmond Makeup Artist.

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