You know when someone says they feel like a GODDESS after their boudoir shoot, that you’ve done your job. Goddess vibes? Yes please! Lauren did this shoot for herself, and she said she cried at her reveal & felt beautiful! She’s already ready to come back for another session.

Woman in black lingerie lying on the floor with shadows from the window falling over her body.

Read Lauren’s Review of her Boudoir Session:

10/10 Recommend if I could share a higher rating I would. Hannah made me feel like a goddess and completely comfortable. I did this shoot for myself to share how important it is for myself to feel comfortable and proud of the body I have and the scars I have are beautiful. When I saw my pictures at my reveal I could have cried at how she captured me. She truly is a amazing photographer and has a special talent at making you feel the best. I love everything she has done for me and I can’t wait to come back for another session. Do yourself a favor and book now.

Blonde woman in red thong and white tank top, sitting on the edge of the bed looking over her shoulder at the camera.
Sexy goddess boudoir shot of a woman taking off her red thong while leaning over a bench.
Blonde woman in red thong and white tank leaning against the wall and looking at the camera for her boudoir session.
Black and white boudoir image of woman with tattoos in a tank top, laughing while sitting on the floor.
Blond woman in black lingerie leaning against a bench for her goddess vibes boudoir shoot.
Woman with blonde hair and tattoos at her boudoir session, looking directly at the camera in black lingerie.
Black and white image of woman in black lingerie lying on a bed, head back and eyes closed.
Blonde woman in black lingerie kneeling on the floor for her boudoir shoot, giving major goddess vibes.
Black and white photo of woman in lingerie lying across a bed looking at the camera.
Blond woman with tattoos sitting on the edge of a bench in black lingerie at Virginia Boudoir Photographer's studio.
Black and white image of a woman in lingerie leaning over the back of a chair in front of a window.
Woman in black lingerie sitting on the floor, leaning her head back against a bench, looking up into the camera.
Black and white image of a nude woman with tattoos in front of a window covering herself with a sheet.
Nude woman lying on a bed, covering herself with a sheet, her finger on her mouth.
Nude blonde woman covering herself with a sheet and looking directly into the camera.
Black and white photo of a nude woman by a window, covering her body with just a sheet, eyes closed.
Blonde woman with tattoos, wearing no clothes, lounging across a bed, covered only with a sheet.
Black and white image of a laughing topless woman in fishnets looking over her shoulder.
Booty shot of a topless woman lying face down on the bed, wearing nothing but fishnet stockings.
Topless woman straddling a bench at her boudoir session in fishnet tights.
Topless blonde woman with tattoos wearing fishnet tights, looking directly into the camera.

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Hair & Makeup by Kirsty of Richmond Makeup Artist.

June 8, 2021


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