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Abigail describes this day as a “dream” from beginning to end. She was going through some body changes and booked this session to boost her confidence and find her self-love again. You can read her whole review below:

woman in green lingerie looking at the camera

Read Abigail’s Review of her Boudoir Session:

“I can without a doubt say this was a life changing experience for me, after my wedding last June I experienced some health issues which resulted in a huge weight gain, I didn’t look at my body the same. As I was sitting in in doctors office I was scrolling through Instagram, when I saw Hannah had a last minute opening; I knew myself and if I didn’t take the spot right then and there I would talk myself out of the session. I wanted to do this session as an anniversary present for my husband but as the time came closer I realized I needed this much more for myself, he would reap the benefit.

The entire day was a dream, starting with getting professional hair and makeup done, to being greeted with the biggest smile from Hannah; you could see the excitement beaming in her, to picking out outfits with the ULTIMATE hype women to becoming the badass women I didn’t know I was. I truly left that session with so much more than amazing pictures, I left with a new found confidence in myself realizing it’s okay to love your body just the way it is. I 100 percent would recommend to stepping out of your comfort level to do a boudoir session with Hannah.”

boudoir image of woman in green lingerie lying on a  bed looking at the camera
black and white sensual image of a woman in lingerie laughing by a window
sensual image of a woman in green lingerie sitting on the floor, laughing
woman in dark green lingerie sitting on a bench at the end of a bed.
black and white booty shot of a woman in lacy lingerie.
boudoir image of a woman in lace lingerie looking at the camera.
black and white boudoir image of a curvy woman leaning over the bed.
curvy woman in white lace lingerie looking at the camera while holding her breasts.
black and white boudoir image of woman in white lingerie leaning on a bed.
woman in white lingerie laughing and looking to the camera with her hands in her hair.
boudoir image of a woman in white lingerie lying across a bed.
black and white image of a woman in lingerie straddling a bench in front of a window looking down.

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Hair and Makeup by Kirsty of Richmond MakeUp Artist.

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