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When asked what she thought of their couples boudoir session, Maka had nothing but great things to say. We so appreciated her great review and thought she captured our process beautifully. Read her words below:

image of tattooed couple embracing on a bed

Maka’s Review:

“I first came across Hannah’s work on Instagram and was immediately enthralled. I contacted Hannah and booked a couples session well in advance, as her work is rightfully in demand. I took advantage of her payment plan, which was awesome, as everything was taken care of in ad of our session. The morning of our session, we saw the makeup artist that Hannah recommended and she did an incredibly efficient and amazing job. She was clearly a true professional. From makeup, we arrived to Hannah’s studio and were immediately made to feel comfortable. We were offered a beverage while choosing outfits for the shoot and Hannah’s warm energy dispelled any doubts about how we looked and brought out confidence. She took truly incredible shots and we wound up with an artful album for the coffee table as well as a spicer selection of photos for the bedroom. Highly recommended 10/10 just an amazing experience.”

black and white image from couple boudoir session of two people embracing in front of a window.
couple with tattoos in their underwear  hugging
black and white photo of a couple hugging in their underwear.
man and woman with tattoos embracing and looking into each other's eyes.
Woman straddling man on a bed in her tank top and thong. Man grabbing her hips.
Sensual black and white photo of a man removing a woman's tank top.
Sensual photo of man kissing a woman's chest over her red lingerie.
black and white photo of a woman leaning over the back of a chair to put her hand against her man's shirtless chest.
sensual photo of woman in red fishnet lingerie sitting on the floor, leaning her head up to the ceiling, eyes closed.
man and woman in lingerie sitting on the edge of a bed embracing.
image of a woman lying on top of a man, facing away from the camera, in red lingerie.
image of a couple embracing with the man's shirtless back facing the camera, covered in tattoos
couple sitting on the floor, with the man behind the woman holding her neck and breast.
black and white image of a brunette woman in lingerie facing a window while sitting on a bench, hand in her hair.
detail photo of a woman's hand with a ring against a man's shirtless chest.
man and woman sitting in a chair together in lingerie, man is holding woman's breasts.
detail shot of a couple in lingerie all wrapped up together on a bed laughing.
black and white silhouette image of a nude couple embracing.
shirtless man leaning against a bed with a woman climbing up his chest for their couples boudoir session.
brunette woman sitting in front of a mirror in black lingerie with her hand in her hair.
black and white photo of a couple in lingerie wrapped up on the bed.
photo of nude woman and man in underwear embracing in front of a window for their couples boudoir session.
man in black underwear lying across the bed, looking at the window.
Nude couple on the bed, man sitting and woman straddling him as he kisses her chest for their boudoir couples session.
black and white image of a nude man and woman in front of a window, man is sucking woman's breast.
woman sitting on a bench at the end of a bed, leaning over her shirtless man, hand on his chest.
black and white image of couple embracing on the bed in lingerie.

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Hair & Makeup by Kirsty of Richmond MakeUp Artist.

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