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Man sitting in a chair, woman on all fours kneeling in front of him in lingerie.

Tori’s Review:

“If you’ve never done boudoir- TRY IT! And if you’ve never done it with your man, DO IT! The confidence you gain is truly undeniable! Sexy, fun, different! And our experience was BEYOND amazing with Hannah ♥️ so thankful to have found her talent!”

Couple sitting on the bed, woman leaning over the man for their boudoir session with Virginia Boudoir Photographer
Sultry black and white image of woman's hand with a ring on a man's chest for their session with Virginia Boudoir Photographer
Man in chair with his wife kneeling in front of him, smiling at her in lingerie.
Couple in lingerie up against a wall holding each other.
Woman in red lingerie lying across the bed, eyes closed for her session with Virginia Boudoir Photographer
Man lying on bed, woman lying on top of him in red lingerie for their boudoir session.
Man lying in bed in black underwear, looking up at the camera.
Man sitting up in bed, woman straddling him facing away. His hand is in her hair.
Boudoir image of a woman with her eyes closed, man holding her chin, wrapping her up in an embrace.
Woman in red lingerie lying on the bed looking back at the camera for her session with Virginia Boudoir Photographer
Woman in green lingerie lying stomach down on the bed, man straddling her, pulling her hair from behind.
Man and woman in a chair together for this black and white photo.
Man and woman snuggling on a bed in lingerie.
Man sitting in front of a window, a woman sitting behind him with her hands wrapped around his chest.
Man and woman in front of a bright window. Woman is wearing black lingerie and man is pulling the straps off her shoulders while kissing her at their session with Virginia Boudoir Photographer.

Want to book a couples session with your partner? Click HERE.

Hair and Makeup by Kirsty of Richmond MakeUp Artist.

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  1. Tristyn says:

    Woah 🥵 these are 🔥💦 I am SOLD, saving for a couples shoot!! These are phenomenal. I cannot wait

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