by reclaiming your thoughts.

Let’s awaken your self-love

I want to help you love yourself.

I’m on a mission to dig for it. To find that love way down inside that you have deserved for years. We can’t love a single other person until we discover how to truly love ourselves.

How much self-love have we buried? So far deep that we can’t even find it?

How much time have we wasted as women, hiding our bodies? Trying to cover them up or compensate for them? How many apologies have we whispered? For taking up space, for prioritizing our own desires?

It takes some soul searchin’ and hard work. I know how you feel & I want to help you. Giving you images of yourself looking like a goddess is the best way I know how.

My small, intimate in-home studio is ready to welcome you! I recently bought my house in 2019 and I have been pouring my heart into making this a safe space where you can feel celebrated. You'll be greeted by my sweet cat, Sage, while my shy boy, Cedar, hides under the bed.

When I’m not shooting, I’m either gardening, hanging out with my cats, or, wait for it ... pole dancing! This sport has been a part of my life for a little over 2 years now, and it has made me the strongest I’ve ever been. It's given me more confidence in myself than I ever thought possible and I want to share what I've learned with you.

self love doesn't come easy.

as women, can we all agree on something?

Hey ya’ll, I’m Hannah.

You reach out and we find a date that works for both of us. You’ll pay a $400 booking fee to lock in this date & I'll send you a prep guide.

A month before our session, I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about you and what you want to accomplish.

Shoot day comes! You’ll head to my studio where I’ll have drinks and my camera waiting. We’ll take our time together, finding that great light on your good bod.

A week after our shoot, I’ll welcome you back to the studio to reveal the beauty we made together. I’ll help you choose which products you’ll purchase. (digitals, albums, prints)

Within just a couple weeks, you’ll get the products in your hands!

Here’s how it works to book me for your boudoir session:

I want you to feel seen in a new way and cared for from the moment we meet.


“Is that really me?!”

I craft my boudoir sessions around your goals and your desires. So many of my clients gasp when they see their images saying:

It’s love. For you, by you, and because of you.

Boudoir isn’t just sexy